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Retracting Slide Group, M3/ANM2, .50 cal., Electric/C02.


M2 or M3 Retracting Slide Group, electric switched, C02 operated, 24 Volt. Comes with two spare bolt pins. This gun charger is mounted on the side of the .50 caliber M2 machine gun used in the G.E. Central Station fire control systems. It is electrically controlled so that when a firing key is closed, the gun fires. The charger automatically operates to cock or charge the gun in the event of a misfire. Five or six cocking operations are repeated in rapid succession, after which the charger will stop, indicating difficulty due to causes other than defective ammunition. To actuate the gun bolt, a piston acts against a stud that extends outward from the side of the gun. This stud is carried by the gun bolt, and projects through a guide slot into a cylinder. To operate the cylinder piston, compressed air, or gas, under a pressure of 1000 pounds per square inch, is admitted to the cylinder. The admission of the gas is controlled by a valve mechanism, which in turn is operated by an electromagnet known as the charging solenoid. Used in B29, P-61 and A26 Aircraft. 16 1/2″ X 1 13/16″ X 4″, 11 lbs., Gas operated, 24 Volts. Left or Right Side. US GI, Surplus Condition.

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