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Browning Machine Gun Parts, Accessories & Mounts



Serving the Movie Industry, Military Collectors, US DOD, HSA and Law Enforcement. We offer “Original” US GI Browning Accessories, Militaria and most models of Military Gun Mounts.

We do not sell firearms or ammunition. We do not Import or Export. Domestic Sales Only!

Need a BMG part or accessory?

If you’re looking for something special for your 1919 or M2, let us know. We have resources all over the country, and we may be able to locate what you want, if we don’t already have it.

Let Us Be Your Source for
BMG Tools, Parts & Accessories!

We have a large selection of US GI (unless otherwise stated) BMG Tools, Parts and Accessories — Tripods, Pedestal Mounts, Truck Mounts, Ring Mounts, Cradles, Links, Cloth Belts, Covers, Scope Mounts, Manuals and More.

Please note that ALL NFA RULES APPLY. Most accessories can be used lawfully on both the Full Auto and Semi Auto versions of the Browning Machine Gun. Our parts and accessories are available to buyers in most states.

All parts are sold as replacement parts. We do not sell any parts that are restricted by Federal Law. However, we reserve the right to not ship certain parts to some States. No Exports! ALL NFA RULES APPLY.

“It’s your responsibility to know your applicable gun laws.”

Consider Visiting the
BATFE Firearms Website
to learn more about Federal Firearms Laws.

ATTENTION International Visitors of this web site: We do not export, and we do not sell to foreign customers for export. Please DO NOT e-mail or call us, as we will not make any exceptions.

IMPORTANT: We are not Gunsmiths or Armorers and cannot answer any technical questions. Please contact your local Gunsmith for assistance in the use or proper installation of any of the products that we sell.

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