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About Us

BMG Parts Co., Inc. was established in 1997, incorporating in March of 2000. A Nevada Corporation, BMG Parts Company specializes in the sale of Browning machine gun parts and accessories, small arms mounting solutions and military surplus. Our business supports all models of Browning machine guns and machine rifles, from the earliest models to the most current. We inventory most parts, from rare M2 .50 cal. and 1917 .30 cal. water-cooled to 1918 BAR rifle parts, including parts and accessories for all other model Browning machine guns.

We support Individuals and collectors, the motion picture industry, private and government museums, all branches of the military and local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. We do not sell firearms or ammunition, nor do we import or export any of our products. We do not accept foreign orders, in compliance with ITAR regulations.

One of our other specialties is small arms mounting solutions. We stock and sell mounts, including tripods, pedestals, cradles, pintles, sockets, armor shields and brackets, for all models of small arms. We can offer small arms mounting solutions for military vehicles, vintage warbirds, ships and small craft and ground applications.

Contact us with any questions or a quotation, at: Sales@BMGparts.com

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