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22″ Swing Arm Assembly


Swing Arm, SA-12, with small pintle socket and base plate.  22″ extended 360 degree range.  Screw Tensioner to lock traverse at both locations, with 3/16 stainless steel retaining pin to secure the pintle mount.  This swing arm can be used as a single or a double swing arm.  Outer swing arm fitted with a standard SA12 socket, allowing the outer swing arm to be attached directly to the SA12 base (see last image, above).  Standard MIL-SPEC SA12 Pintle Mount.  Steel construction, black powder coat finish. New condition.

All steel military type weapon swing arm. Made from 1018 steel, connecting bars are .750 HRPO plate, 841 oil embedded bronze bearings/thrust washers on the pivot points, stainless steel pins, mil-spec fasteners, powder coated stainless steel adjustment knobs (knob studs are alloy steel to prevent thread galling) The swing arm assembly has a phosphate finish then powder coated in black. Hole spacing on the base plate is 4”. The arm will fit other standard mil-spec swing arm pintle mounts. Top arm measures 12 inches center to center. Bottom arm measures 10 inches center to center. Uses military standard tapered small pintle on the receiving end. The assembly weighs 16.1 pounds. There are some draft marks from the laser cutting process on the connecting bars shown in the pictures.

Optional mounting solutions for the Patriot Fab swing arm:

ATV Clamp SA12 Clamp Mount: BSS360PM

Alternate SA12 Pintle, for custom mount:  FYJ-90

Base Plate SA12: G-SAM-101

Base Plate SA12, with Train Stop (Travel Lock): G-SAM-201

Large Pintle to SA12 Adapter: G-SAM-202

Additional information

Weight 16.00 lbs
Dimensions 14.00 × 5.00 × 5.00 in

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