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Tripod, MK125. Assembly, with T&E and Pintle, M1917/M1919/M60/M240/M249.


US GI , Mk125 Light Weight .30 caliber Tripod, with T&E Device and Pintle. For M1917/M1919/M60/M240/M249 machine guns, One T&E and Pintle included. Please select model. US GI, New Condition.

T&E and Pintle Options (one set included with tripod):

1. Browning M1917, M1919, M37: Pintle, with bolt set & T&E Device.
2. FN M240, M249: Pintle, with pin & T&E Device, with FN M240, M249 Adapter.
3. M60 Pintle & T&E Device, with M60 Adapter.

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