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Mount, MK78.

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US GI , MK78 .30 caliber M60 Tripod, with twin M60 mount and shield. Only one available. Very Rare M60 Anti-Aircraft, Anti-Personnel MK78 Mod. 1 Twin Mount. This rare mount was used on Strike Assault Boats (STAB). Sole user was STABRON 20 (Navy SEALS). 22 of these boats were built by Grafton Boatworks and were put into service in 1970. Comes with Navy Tripod, MK 16 MOD 1 Stand, Twin M60 Cradle Assembly, Armor Shield and Ammunition Rack. This mount INCLUDES two standard helicopter 7.62mm 600 round ammunition boxes, two ammunition chutes, with box and M60 gun end connectors. US GI, Good Condition.

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