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The Browning Machine Gun, Volume I, II, III, IV & V. Autographed Book Set, By Dolf L. Goldsmith (Volumes I – V) and Frank Iannimico (Volume 4). Exciting new Browning machine gun book set, packed with years of research. This fine collectable contains 2,187 pages and 2,830 illustrations, covering all of the models and types of Browning machine guns.  Collectable, Autographed by the Authors.


Volume One: 0-88935-370-0

Volume Two: 0-88935-380-8

Volume Three: 0-88935-445-6

Volume Four: 0-88935-453-7

Volume Five: 978-0-9823918-4-6

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Weight 15.335 lbs
Dimensions 11.250 × 8.875 × 5.500 in

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