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Mount, M3AA, .50 cal., Water-Cooled.


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NOTE: Image is a representation of a complete M3AA Tora Tora Weapons Mount and Gun. Not all items are included with this item.

M3AA Anti-Aircraft Pedestal Mount, commonly referred to as the “Tora Tora Mount”. Includes: 200 rd. Tombstone Drum Magazine and Crank, Canvas Cartridge Bag, Canvas Link Bag. US GI, Restored Condition.

Extremely rare mount, seldom seen separated from a registered water-cooled gun. Less than thirty of these mounts are known to be in private hands. There is over fifty hours of restoration included in this mount.

Other Accessories:

M3 Water Pump and Hose Set. Available, but not included.
M2WC Receiver Kit, Without Side Plates. Available, but not included.  NOTE: All BATFE Rules Apply.
M3AA Tora Tora AA Sight. Not Available.
MK30 Counterbalance Weight: $699.95

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Weight 400 lbs

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