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MK93 MOD 4 Cradle Assembly, with 250 rd. Ammunition Tray and Can, New.


MK93 MOD 4 Soft Mount Cradle Assembly. M2HB/M2A1 .50 caliber, stainless steel, black powder coat finish, large pedestal size pintle (interchangeable pintle), extended travel lock & 250 round ammo can tray and can, 66.2 lbs.,  Factory New Condition.  Options (not included): 6650748 Tripod Pintle, M240 7.62mm adapter kit, M60/MK43 7.62mm adapter kit, MK19 40mm Feed Chute.

MK93 Armor shield kit available:

MK93 Armor Shield: https://bmgparts.com/product/mk93-armor-plate/

MK93 Armor Shield Bracket: https://bmgparts.com/product/mk93-armor-bracket/

MK93 Trigger housing available:

MK93 Trigger Housing Assembly: https://bmgparts.com/product/mk93-trigger-housing/

Additional information

Weight 66.2 lbs
Dimensions 21.00 × 14.00 × 25.00 in

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