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Sleeve, Barrel, M2HB .50 cal.


2HB barrel SleeveM, Orange (Black shown). M2BC is a “rubber like” flexible polymer heat resistant cap that protects both ends of a M2 or M2A1 barrel. The Cap is universal and will conform to the shape of the barrel and are able to be installed on the threaded end or muzzle end of the barrel. The cap will prevent damage to the threads and block dirt and debris from entering the barrel. The heat resistant material will allow caps to be installed even when the barrel is hot. Cap can be left on while a barrel is stowed or left on the muzzle end, once the barrel is installed. Caps will be removed or shot off of the muzzle end of the barrel before or during live fire. No tools are necessary for installation or removal. Item is compatible with either legacy M2HB or the newer M2A1 type barrels. US GI, NOS Condition.

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